Ogre Achiever: Shrek Makeup Time-lapse

Heather Hurner ’14, Moorhead, Minn., is a Psychology major with vast interests, including theatre. This summer, she played an integral role in putting together Shrek the Musical at Trollwood Performing Arts School.

What exactly do you do at Trollwood?
I am the hair and makeup designer for the main stage musical, Shrek, and in June, I taught a stage makeup class.

How long have you been involved in Trollwood?
This is my 8th summer involved with Trollwood, but it’s my third summer working there. I also designed hair and makeup for Legally Blonde (2012) and Music Man (2013).

How much work did you put into this musical?
Any hair that’s seen during the music is synthetic. No one’s real hair is ever showing. There are over 80 wigs in the show, specialty makeup, and prosthetic pieces, so there’s a lot going on! I also got to put together the Pinocchio nose, which grows on stage.

What was your favorite part of designing for Shrek?
I liked the fantasy aspect, because that was something totally new for me. In Legally Blonde and Music Man, there weren’t those fantasy creatures and that opportunity to be so artistic and creative.

How long does it take to get Shrek prepared each night?
It averages about 2 hours for the prosthetic application and makeup application.

Have you ever been involved with theatre at Concordia?
Yes. I was on costume run crew and hair and makeup crew for both Grease and Into the Woods.

What have you taken from this experience?
I’ve learned a lot of new techniques, like the prosthetic application. I’ve also learned how to manage such a large show, and how to make sure it runs smoothly.

Is this something you’d like to pursue after you graduate?
It’s a thought I’ve toyed around with – it’s not something I’ve entirely ruled out. At this current moment, Trollwood is a good way for me to be involved in something that I love in the summer, and still be able to focus on my academics during the school year.