Curating Creations: From Classroom To Real World

It’s one thing to learn about creating and curating works of art. It’s a completely different experience to actually do it.

Students from an intermediate ceramics course and a capstone class created artwork, which was then curated by students in a museum studies course. The end product? A student art exhibit that displays a visual commentary on activism. “From the Earth” was unveiled during the Celebration of Student Scholarship April 18.

The timing was intentional, explained Ross Hilgers, who teaches ceramics and the capstone course.

“By exhibiting in the campus center during the Celebration of Student Scholarship, we are inviting the viewer to contemplate the visual arts as any other form of research and scholarship,” he says.

For the students, it was an opportunity to put classroom experience into action. Bryan Wang ‘13, Billings, Mont., says the environmentally active theme of the exhibit was a great way to become more responsibly engaged in the world.

“Students creating art for an exhibit that is commenting on issues with globally profound effects directly relates to being a responsible citizen,” Wang says.

The “From the Earth” exhibition is a first for collaboration between student artists and Dr. Susan Lee’s museum studies class.

Curating an exhibit requires a different mindset than creating the art, says Kaitlyn Garvin ’13, Hutchinson, Minn. She learned that the collaboration between artists and curators can strengthen a particular message and guide focus of the exhibition for the viewer.

“Through this exhibition, we’re encouraging others to think about these environmental issues,” Garvin says. “We’re challenging them to become involved themselves.”

“From the Earth” Exhibit is located outside Jones A/B in the Knutson Campus Center and in adjacent lounge until April 24.

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