The Concordia Choir: Touring Through Texas

The Concordia Choir is heading south this week on its 2013 tour through the middle of the U.S. and spending several days in Texas. Tour is a musical highlight for many of the singers and the chance to get to sing in The Concordia Choir brings many students to campus.  Read choir member Daniela Flores’ story (below), see where the tour is going next and follow it on Storify – the tweets and posts of choir members.

Dedicated Researcher

Daniela Flores ’13, Blaine, Minn., never considered applying to any college other than Concordia. As a high school freshman, she heard singers audition for music scholarships at Concordia and was totally impressed.

“I thought if that’s the kind of singers that go to Concordia, that’s where I want to be,” she says. “Choir is the reason I came to Concordia, but I found my passion in the biology program.”

Last summer, Flores was a research assistant at San Jose State University working on mutating enzymes for use in biomedical studies. She was selected through a national program known as REU – Research Experiences for Undergraduates. Flores then had the rare opportunity of presenting her research at a national conference for science educators in Seattle.

“That’s almost unheard of as an undergraduate,” says Flores. “It shows how well we are prepared at Concordia, that we can step up to this level.” Next year Flores will continue to study genetics at either Iowa State University or the University of Minnesota – Duluth. Her fondest memory of Concordia will be three years of singing in The Concordia Choir.

“We make beautiful music together as a family,” she says. “We care so much about each other, and we grow together as performers. It’s just a thrill for me to sing every day with this great group of people.”