Early Edition Editor

When Regan Whitney ’14, Breckenridge, Minn., applied to write for Concordia’s student newspaper at the end of her freshman year, she didn’t know the first thing about journalism.

Just more than a year later, she increased her writing experience by interning (twice) at a local newspaper, writing for the arts and entertainment section of The Concordian and taking on the role of The Concordian’s editor-in-chief.

Whitney came to Concordia as a music education major, but at the end of her first year she switched to business with a marketing concentration. She chose Concordia because of the music program, but stuck around because of the environment and friendships that she had formed.

“[Concordia] was kind of always the place I knew I was going to go,” she says.

After switching majors, Whitney wanted to get involved in a campus organization that would complement what she was learning in class, and The Concordian seemed like a great fit.

When she was hired as an arts and entertainment writer, she realized she needed to learn the basics of journalism. She requested a summer internship with her hometown newspaper, the Daily News (Wahpeton, N.D.), where she wrote profiles on local businesses.

Her experience at the Daily News and The Concordian gave Whitney the confidence she needed to pursue The Concordian’s top position. She applied to be editor-in-chief her junior year – and was hired. To prepare for her new role, she went back to the Daily News for a second summer internship.

As editor-in-chief, Whitney manages an editorial staff of 10 who collaborate to put out an interesting, accurate paper each week. She and her team spend three days on final editing, layout, design and proofing before sending files to the printer.

“I love that ‘daily miracle’ feeling we get even though we’re a weekly paper,” she says. “It’s so great that we’re full-time students and are able to put a paper like we have together so often.”