Cobber Gives Back For Birthday

Chantell Sampson ’10 wanted to do something special for her 25th birthday.

“I wanted to do something different besides the typical, ‘Let’s get together and have dinner and buy gifts that I don’t need,’” she says. “I love making people smile and I knew that helping others would be a great way to spend a birthday.”

Sampson decided to do 25 random acts of kindness on her birthday. With the help of some friends, she made a list of acts to accomplish and then documented the experience with pictures.

Some notable acts were leaving money at a bus stop and laundromat, donating toys to children at a local hospital, and bringing cookies to the police station and humane society. But Sampson’s favorite moment was giving $20 to a mother buying formula for her baby.

Sampson brought flowers to people in a nursing home.“The shocked look on her face was priceless. She couldn’t believe that some random girl would just walk up to her and give her money to help her and her baby,” she says. “I still remember walking away trying to keep it together as I started to tear up as well.”

Sampson, who now works as a Web producer for Microsoft Dynamics, says she tries to make an impact in someone’s life every day. Attending Concordia, she says, is part of the reason for this goal.

“Concordia really did open my eyes to a more worldly view of society and equipped me with a greater understanding and compassion for those around me,” she says. “I always try to help when I can because I know that no matter how rough my day can be, someone out there has it a lot worse and that I should instead be thankful for all that I do have.”

She shared pictures of her “25 Random Acts of Kindness” through a Facebook album and has received a lot of positive feedback through likes, comments and shares.

“The response I got from people was overwhelmingly positive,” she says. “It was honestly the best experience of my life.”

4 Responses

  1. Tracy Briggs

    Chantell is awesome! I was lucky enough to have her as a student when I taught at Concordia a couple of years ago. Now my daughter is lucky to have her as a dance teacher. Very cool!

  2. In giving these 25 gifts, you gave yourself a gift. This is a wonderful and inspirational story to read. What a blessing your were to all whose lives you touched. Wonderful idea, Chantell, and happy birthday!

  3. Sharon

    You truly are an inspiration!! There is nothing better to give than to receive….and to watch people’s reaction is beyond words. I hope this leads more people to do this…they will be amazed what it will do for them. I know the blessings we have received doing it and your story makes me want to go out and do more!!

  4. stacey

    What a great story! Brings a smile to my face 🙂 I’ll be turning 31 soon….you’ve inspired me to make my own list of good deeds to do.

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