(Almost) Road Kill: A Paperback Miracle

Robyn Adams '16 and her beat-up copy of "Acts of Faith"Robyn Adams ’16, Littleton, Colo., forgot her “Acts of Faith” book on the roof of her car in August.

“I heard a thump when I was driving and saw my book tumbling down the highway behind me,” she says. “My mom, sister and I went back 20 minutes later to stage a rescue mission. The book had probably been run over 200 times, but I got it back, picked out all of the pebbles, ironed the pages and finished reading. This book is great. It totally changed my views on religion and interfaith.”

The book’s author, Dr. Eboo Patel, signed the book when he was on campus, and he was amused by the story. Adams says she promised him that she wouldn’t run over his new book, “Sacred Ground.”