Repeat Business

Within a year of graduation, Brian Watkins ’11 has held jobs with two international companies. He didn’t think it could get any better.

Then he was awarded a Fulbright Binational Business Grant to work for the consulting division of Ernst & Young in Mexico City and get started on his Master of Business Administration.

“I can’t believe I have had these opportunities,” he says. “I feel so blessed.”

Watkins had a full-time internship at Bobcat during his senior year. The week after graduation, he was a full-fledged employee at the company.

In October, Watkins accepted a business analyst position with the Cerner Corporation, Kansas City. Four months later he learned he would be receiving a Fulbright grant. He will leave Aug. 10 for his 10-month grant in Mexico City.

Watkins studied economics and Spanish at Concordia, so the Fulbright is a perfect fit. He already had two international internships as an undergraduate.

He spent seven months in the Spanish cities of Alicante and Seville with summer and semester-abroad programs. While he was in Seville, he completed a marketing internship with Mail Boxes Etc. The summer before his senior year, he landed a hotel management internship in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

When Watkins returns to Mexico this fall, he will seek to understand the Mexican investment environment.

The opportunity to pursue his MBA, be immersed in the Spanish language and gain international business experience will help him make a positive impact when he returns.

“This (experience) will give me an idea of what the U.S. can do to help better the neighboring economy,” he says.