Larson Presents On Undergraduate Research

Concordia is devoted to undergraduate research.

Dr. Susan Larson recently had the opportunity to encourage other institutions to improve their research programs at a Council on Undergraduate Research press club event in Washington, D.C.

Larson is a co-author of “Characteristics of Excellence in Undergraduate Research,” which was the focus of the CUR gathering.

“The COEUR article is essentially a summary of best practices in undergraduate research,” she says.

These best practices will be helpful to institutions and also for the agencies that provide the grants to make undergraduate research possible.

“We hope this (event) was helpful to inform these agencies and organizations about excellence in undergrad research,” she says.

The event was a follow-up to a webinar that the team of authors presented to more than 250 participants in April.

Concordia has a long-standing relationship with CUR. Larson is a board member, and other faculty members have also served on the council.

Larson and Dr. Heidi Manning, physics professor, will give a presentation on Concordia’s STEP program to CUR later this year. The STEP research program allows first-year students to do research with faculty members during the summer.

Even with Concordia’s standout contributions in the field of undergraduate research, Larson still aspires to do more.

“My involvement in the process has given me some great ideas for enhancing what we do at Concordia,” she says.