Investment Club Offers Real-World Experience

Concordia’s newest organization is not a club – it’s an investment. Thanks to a generous gift from Steve Scheel, CEO and chairman of Scheels, students will have a chance to make real investments in the market.

Students from any major may apply to participate in the Cobber Investment Fund, but a portfolio or an investments course is required. Some students will research stocks and make recommendations to buy or sell. Other students will manage the portfolio, says finance professor Dr. Scot Stradley, who is the adviser of the group.

“It is experiential learning,” he says, “like nursing clinicals or student teaching.”

Stradley estimates that 30-40 students will take part in the initial investing, which will begin this spring. They will have one fund at the start. Eventually, Stradley hopes that the fund will grow enough to be split into two funds with two groups of students managing them.

Plans are also underway for students to give back to the community. Possibilities include having students teach sessions about investments in the middle school and being able to support charitable causes with any surplus the fund might gain in the future.

“I hope the students will be able to generate income that will benefit Concordia and the community,” Stradley says.