Cobber Love Connection

Abby (Boggs) Johnson '10 said she'd never fall in love at Concordia. Then she met Brent Johnson '10.

We’ve all heard it: “Cobbers Marry Cobbers.”  Maybe you’ve swooned, gagged or laughed about the notion of Concordia love. No matter where you fall on the spectrum of believing in Cobber chemistry, you likely know at least one Cobber couple.

Like the ones whose eyes met one night in the library during freshmen year and their children (and grandchildren) are all Cobbers, or the couple who got engaged under the bell tower and the rest is history.

Valentines Day is a perfect time to pause and honor the power of the ring, the tradition of the Bell Tower and Concordia’s undeniable love connection by sharing some Cobber sweetheart stories.

  • Met our first day of freshman year in Principia. Dated all four years, and he proposed to me under the bell tower senior year, Feb 28th, 1995. – Kelli Thorfinnson Risnes 95
  • John and I spent many hours studying together in the library. We have been married for 6.5 years and will be moving back to Moorhead this summer! – Tally Tinjum 02
  • Choir tour fling. Then, a year later, The Concordia Choir sang my proposal to Char. 22 years of bliss!  – Gordon Moe ’89
  • In the Chem lab – he was my lab student supervisor! Just celebrated 50 years of marriage! All three children went to Concordia and my daughter met her husband at a homecoming after they graduated! – Sharon M. Gardner 63 
  • Bio majors that met on the first day of class. Got engaged at Prexy’s Pond!  Now married for two and a half years! – Jessica Hein 08
  • Met when we were on brother – sister floors. Started dating on Valentines weekend after a Cobber hockey game 30 years ago! Had our first baby girl the day after Valentine’s Day 25 years ago. Cobbers for life…our youngest is a junior there now. – Pam Brolsma 81
  • I met my fiancee Becca Klein ’13 at Concordia, and I proposed to her a little over a year later on the stage of the Frances Frazier Comstock Theatre. Immediately afterwards, we walked under the bell tower holding hands.  – Jordan Green 10
  • We met through my brother, Tim Johnson, who was also a Cobber. Dated throughout college, married in ’84 and are still happily married after 27 years. Our son, Derek, will graduate from Concordia in May! – Meg Steinke 85
  • True love was born on the fourth floor of Old Main in a political science class. 16 years of marriage (got engaged on campus) and two kids later!  – Leah Blilie Johnson 94
  • Kim and I met in Concordia’s Elementary Education program in the early 80’s. We married in 1986, and just celebrated our 25th anniversary in June. Plus, one of our two sons will graduate from Concordia this year!  – Jay McGowan 85