The Science Of Creation

This year, Concordia students and professors have helped to spark conversation about science and religion at Trinity Lutheran Church in Moorhead.

Trinity received a “Scientists in Congregations” grant from the John Templeton Foundation and has been facilitating conversations about science and religion since the fall. The Rev. Colin Grangaard of Trinity and Dr. Heidi Manning, a physics professor at Concordia, are co-directors of the grant.

“It’s important to foster discussion to bridge the gap between science and religion,” Manning says.

The grant has funded numerous activities for kids, including an afternoon devoted to the six days of creation. This fun-filled day was a way for kids to hear the story of creation but also explore the wonders of creation through science.

Donning safety glasses, these kids were awed by experiments done by Dr. Graeme Wyllie of Concordia’s chemistry department. The experiments included explosions and fire, which simulated the creation of light.

Then, they split off into groups and visited other stations where Concordia students and faculty taught them about plants, planets, life and how the subjects connected to the creation story in Genesis.

Grangaard says that bridging that gap between faith and science has been more difficult than he expected.

“These days there is a such a contrast between the two, they can be hard to mix, but it has presented a wonderful opportunity for us to wrestle with it,” he says.