Predicting Turkish Politics With Math

Not many undergraduates would try using math to predict Turkish politics, but Matthew Lillehaugen ’17 is doing just that. Lillehaugen is majoring in political science and global studies at Concordia. He also has minors in physics and math. This summer he combined his academic interests to pursue a research project at a level usually reserved…
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Renovated Research

Science facility renovations aren’t putting a hold on on-campus research. The Aasgaard House on the north side of Concordia’s campus has served many purposes over the years. The little white building was once the president’s residence, then the home economics department’s Home Management House, and later it served as the college’s Office of Communications and…
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Weird, Accessible Science

Dr. Graeme Wyllie brings both the science and the weird to the table, making science accessible for everyone. Wyllie stands at his science table in the dim light of the camp room holding a lighter and a handful of little bubbles. “Now this science should only ever be done by grown-ups. By old folk,” he…
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Phillips Scholarship Funds New American Programming

Imagine moving to a country where everything is unfamiliar, including the language. All around you are people who seem to have every cultural norm dialed in. Feeling overwhelmed? Aware of the obstacles that new Americans face on a daily basis, Mackenzie Lindquist ’15, Minnetonka, Minn., developed a program that would help them with at least…
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Film Receives International Honors

A film produced by Dr. Gregory Carlson, director of media activities and film studies, is a finalist in an international documentary competition. In the 2014 International Documentary Challenge, “The Hammer and the Axe” was chosen along with 11 other finalists from a pool of hundreds of documentaries submitted from around the world. The film is…
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